How to create a boolean property in contacts? How to get true instead of "true"



I’ve specified ‘bool’, ‘booleancheckbox’, for type and field type and these values for options
[{‘label’:‘True’, ‘value’:True},{‘label’:‘False’, ‘value’:False}] using contact properties API
I update this contact using Python. I specify value as boolean, then encode it in JSON and update the contact.
But when I request this contact back the property is a string like “true” or “false” and not JSON true or false.
How do I get a real boolean like is_contact field in contact object? “is-contact”:true

What I have:
what I want


@pmanca Hi, could you take a look at my problem as well, please? Is it possible to have a property with a boolean value like {“value”:true} and not {“value”:“true”}? If it’s possible, how to define such property? What JSON parameters to send when creating it?
I’ve created it with there params and when I update it with true and the request it back I get “true”
“name”: “bool_prop”,
“label”: “A New Custom Property”,
“description”: “A new property for you”,
“groupName”: “my_props”,
“type”: “bool”,
“fieldType”: “booleancheckbox”,
“formField”: false,
“displayOrder”: 6,
“options”: [


@Alexei_Vasilkov I was able to reproduce this on my end. The way the checkbox property type works, it stores it as a string and not as a boolean value. At the moment there isn’t a property type that will store a boolean value as a boolean. You will need to just write in the logic to handle them as strings on your end.


I did exactly this :slight_smile: Thank you for the reply.


@Alexei_Vasilkov I just reached out to one of our internal Product Experts. Through the UI the property type for a checkbox by default is enumeration. This is why it gets casted to a string. You can set the type of the property to a boolean through the API. This will get you the functionality that you are looking for. Here is the link to the docs for reference.

Make sure you assign it as type: bool


Hm. I did specify bool and I did create the property through API and not UI

“type”: “bool”,

I tried creating it with empty []… wait…maybe I just need to not include options at all…
but I got an error if I didn’t specify any options, and so I had to specify options.
b’{“status”:“error”,“message”:"Boolean properties must have exactly two options; one with a value of ‘true’, the other with a value of ‘false’"
Here’s exact json I sent
{“formField”: false, “label”: “DUMMY PROPERTY”, “options”: [], “description”: “”, “displayOrder”: 20, “type”: “bool”, “name”: “dummy_prop123”, “groupName”: “group_name_dummy”, “fieldType”: “booleancheckbox”}


@Alexei_Vasilkov Let me take a deeper look into this to make sure everything is working as it is supposed to.


One moment. I will try to remove options completely.


Nope. same error even when I remove “options” completely from request
b’{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Boolean properties must have exactly two options; one with a value of ‘true’, the other with a value of ‘false’”


@Alexei_Vasilkov The boolean property was something we use to support but no longer. The team that I spoke to earlier about this is going to update the docs to reflect this change.