How to create a webinar like event in the Contact timeline?


I’m developing an integration for retail industry and i successfully manage the fidelity card no. contact integration.
now i’m looking a way for recording Customer purchases inside the contact timeline, next point is firing a delayed workflow with a next best buy suggestione email.

i cannot find any api call, any hints?

thank you


Hi @ptorric

Depending on what data you’re looking to include on the timeline, it may be possible to do this using engagements:

Engagements only record data that you’d see in the timeline, so if you’re looking to send an email you could use a Workflow to send that email.


yes, ok, i was figuring out something like that: create a Note engagement event for every inshop purchase, at the present i’m updating a property “last purchase date”.

But i cannot undestrand how gotomeeting, surveymonkey and other software manage to create a specific branded event in the timeline.

is it possible?


The GoToWebinar and SurveyMonkey integrations are ones that we built internally, so some of their functionality won’t be available to other integrations.

We’re working on a new API that will allow integrations to add similar items to the timeline, and we hope to have that ready soon.


Hi @ptorric,
it looks like the Timeline API is what you’re looking for:
You’ll have to create a 3rd party app in Hubspot here:
Hope that helps,


Yes Antoine, i’m aware that, some time after my post, timeline api was
It’s ok for my specific problem, but the real timeline, i mean all contact
interaction, is still unavailable.