How to create "Browse and connect apps" for our company




How to create our company apps in "Browse and connect apps" page.
Page links is :

i mean how to publish my app in hubspot (like in your app section intercom, slack, livechat purechat).

if possible throw hubspot api then please let me know the api details.

please ASAP share your opinion.

Ankit Vyas


Hey, @Ankit.

You're referring to apps in the Connect program. Check out this page and this page to get started! Make sure your app is public as well.


okay Thanks Isaac_Takushi,

so, please clarify other some things like required any other type of code stuffs.

your provided link in only fill up the form and submit?

when i reject or success app then email or any other notification received or not?

Ankit Vyas


Hi, @Ankit,

I'm not sure what you're asking... If you would like to have your app listed on the marketplace, you must first apply to become a HubSpot integration partner. You can start this process by completing the form I sent.

I don't have much insight into the approval process, but if you can clarify your questions, I can try to find outl.


okay thanks,

i submitted this form all-ready "Apply to Be a HubSpot Integration Partner".

i received the email by HubSpot partner app - New submission on HubSpot Form "HubSpot Connect Program Interest + Agreement"

but i don't know how to work, or what is next step?

Ankit Vyas


Hi, @Ankit.

Could you take a screenshot of the email and share it in this thread? (Please redact any sensitive information.) Was it an automated email or from a member of our team inquiring into your particular situation?

To my knowledge, someone from our Connect team should reach out at some point to collect the assets needed for consideration.