How to detect if hub has Tickets enabled?



Is there way to detect over API wether hub has Tickets (Service Hub) enabled?



Hi @Anton_Litvinenko,

If your integrations requests the tickets scope, only portals with Service Hub will be able to approve that scope. You can get info on that portal's refresh token to determine if they were able to approve the tickets scope.


Thanks @Derek_Gervais!

Is this already working as expected?

I think we see something strange there:

  1. We make a request to get a token with 'tickets' scope to a hub that doesn't have Service Hub (hub_id:2021855)
  2. We make a request to refresh the token and see what scopes are enabled: get…
    response: Body: {"token":"...","user":"...","hub_domain":"...","scopes":["oauth","contacts","files","tickets"],"hub_id":2021855,"client_id":"...","user_id":889408,"token_type":"refresh"}
  3. List of scopes includes 'tickets' even though hub 2021855 doesn't have Service Hub enabled.

Are we missing something here?



Hi @Anton_Litvinenko,

After digging into this further, I'm able to understand the confusion. Due to the nature of scope approvals, your portal is able to approve the tickets scope despite not having access to Service Hub. This is technically working as expected, but I want to touch base with my team on this to make sure the correct portals can approve the correct scopes. I'll reach back out in this thread when I have more information.