How to develop an integration inside HubSpot contact page which displays the freshdesk tickets related to the contact?



I would like to develop an integration between Freshdesk and HubSpot which will display the related ticket details to the contact in HubSpot contact page.

I read Freshdesk API and it's pretty good. Does HubSpot has any sdk kinda stuff to develop those?


Hi @toothless, HubSpot does not currently have any SDKs, but we're looking to change that in the future. Currently, an integration would need to be developed completely from scratch. Thanks!


Hi @Connor_Barley,

Thanks for the response. If I going to develop an integration, what are the steps I should follow to make that integration working?

Any docs to specify in which format I should develop or any sample apps?

Please let me know!


Hi @toothless, if you'd like your application to be installed and shown in your Integrations settings (a la:, you'll want to get started with authorizing your application with OAuth: The quickstart guide is a good place to get started there:

If you're making an application using tickets, you'll want to check out these docs:

I don't have any examples of a robust application using tickets, but you could try your luck searching github. Here's a simple tool I made with the Contacts API. This one uses an API key though, so it's not an application that users can install, it's just a quick tool that you can use to manipulate data in your CRM:


Hi @Connor_Barley,

Thanks for the response!

But I would like to develop the app to display the tickets from Freshdesk, Zendesk and not HubSpot tickets.

So, I would like to just develop an app which will fetch the ticket details from Freshdesk and Zendesk. I'll take care of the functionalities.

But, what I'm looking for is, a proper documentation about in what format I should develop an integration and where to upload inside HubSpot to make that integration work.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @toothless, there's no set in stone guide on how to develop an integration with those platforms. HubSpot does have an integration in the Marketplace with Zendesk already that you can leverage here:

If you're creating from scratch, you'll need to work with the HubSpot objects. You'll have to pull down the data from Zendesk and Freshdesk, format it so that it works with the HubSpot tickets API, then push that data to HubSpot using our APIs. Not entirely sure what you mean by which format you should develop the integration in, but our main objects like tickets, deals, contacts and companies all need to be formatted in JSON.

If you don't want to have tickets created inside of HubSpot, you could always surface their information from your external system using the CRM extensions api:


Hi @Connor_Barley,

Thanks for the response. I understand there is no structure to be followed. Let me ask questions in more specific manner.

  1. I want to develop an application which will be displayed inside HubSpot. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do that? Where should I upload the app file?
  2. The app gonna be developed will be running only in contact's page. I want to fetch the contact details like email etc. I'm sure I can do it with HubSpot API
  3. So, the main question would be how can I develop an app. In short, where should I upload that app?
  4. In short, Can you provide me a sample app which I can upload in my HubSpot account and check its working?

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @toothless,

If you want to develop an application that will display external information within HubSpot, you'll need to use the CRM Extensions API that I linked above.

You cannot upload a file for your application. You'll need to create a Developer Account. From there you'll set up the requisite information for CRM Extensions API. The actual code that you're using would be hosted somewhere externally like heroku or even AWS.

To connect an application from your Developer Account and install it into your live production account, you'd need to install the application via the OAuth 2.0 flow:

I have a sample application hosted on heroku that you can use to test out CRM extensions here: If you want to edit the code and don't want the hassle of deploying your app to a hosting service, you can try using -- Let me know if you have questions