How to do OAuth2 for APP


When doing a GET on[my-appid]/subscriptions

Using OAuth2

I receive the following error:

    "status": "error",
    "message": "This oauth-token ([my-bearer]) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [developers-access])",
    "correlationId": "04cd6f40-27bc-47e7-af5e-0b66b658211b",
    "requestId": "a18c29da85c14eb53fbda0032ad713d3"

Getting a hapikey from the developer portal that my app is hosted on and using[my-hapikey]

works as expected.

Note, I have been using OAuth2 for contacts etc and that works fine. The issue is when I try to correlate OAuth2 with my app.


Hi @Andy_Eltis,

Are you using an OAuth token acquired from a portal that has installed your app? This endpoint requires authentication for your developer portal (i.e. your HAPIkey). Webhooks are set up in the app settings, and only the developer HAPIkey can access the app settings. When the app is installed in a portal, the webhook subscriptions set up for the app are automatically applied to the portal. It’s not possible to set up webhook subscriptions for a specific portal.