How to enable tickets on test portals


Hi @dadams

How to enable tickets on test portals to try out the new Tickets API ?
I was trying to access tickets in a test portal using hapi key and I'm getting this reponse

    "status": "error",
    "message": "Must have scope  TICKETS_READ",
    "correlationId": "bb90d2a8-aa77-4074-b353-be3ea67de9c4",
    "requestId": "bcb75054a6fcc510d75a101465c32b91"


I was able to create & update a ticket using API but not able to GET it

    "objectType": "TICKET",
    "portalId": 4547173,
    "objectId": 234187,

Seems I'll have to upgrade to enable tickets in my test portal.


Hi @udayapitchika,

The Tickets API is currently in developer preview, and should be accessible in all portals. If you're having issues accessing certain Tickets API methods, post a link to an example record in your test portal so that I can take a closer look.


@Derek_Gervais We are experiencing similar issue: we can't create, delete (Must have scope TICKETS_WRITE) nor load tickets (Must have scope TICKETS_READ) over API when authenticated with OAuth.

Hub Id: 505489
Ticket Id: 230969

Any ideas on fixing this?



Hi @Anton_Litvinenko,

Can you successfully create/delete/read tickets via the API when using your portal's hapikey? If so, it's likely due to the scopes your OAuth refresh/access tokens have. Can you try going through the OAuth flow again?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

  1. yes we can read/create/delete tickets using hapikey
  2. just went through OAuth flow again and tried loading a ticket by id -> still seeing "Must have scope TICKETS_READ"
  3. on OAuth App configuration UI -> i don't see any of these new scopes.


Must have scope DEAL_LINE_ITEM_READ

Hi @Anton_Litvinenko,

I understand; as it turns out, there's an existing issue with the Tickets API with regard to OAuth authentication. The teams is currently working on resolving this, but for right now the Tickets API will only work with hapikey authentication. I'll keep this topic updated when I have more information on the resolution of this issue. Thanks again for your patience here!

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