How to exclude traffic from "microsoft corp" (bot)?


I see a continued spike in Direct Traffic. After some analysis in another tool I identified "microsoft corp" network as the culprit. Can I filter this traffic out like I can with Google Analytics. Some of our Direct traffic is valuable in our workflows.


Hi @KenW,

Happy to clarify.

You may have found this resource already, but it describes all the ways you can filter analytics data in HubSpot.

First and foremost, I recommend ensuring that Bot filtering is togged on.

Next, if you have either the "microsoft corp" network's domain or IP addresses, you can add those to the filtered list as well.


Thanks for the reply. Downloading Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges file reveals 1000s of IP addresses. It sure would be nice if you could block traffic from a network name.

I think you've answered my question. Thanks again.