How to export contact timeline events?


Hi @dadams: Actually I would to migrate the contacts and related details (like timeline events,notes,email and etz.,) from one hubspot account into another hubspot account.

when I export the contacts, it exported only contact but not related details.

Question: Can you please explain how do i migrate contacts along with related details from one hubspot account into another hubspot account.


Hi @sathish -

Are you trying to do the export/import via CSV?

It is not currently possible to export engagements (activities, notes from your timeline) from Hubspot. Here is a complete list of what is currently supported:

It’s also important to note that you cannot manually import these via CSV either - you must use API in either case.

If you are interested, we have an API connector where you can move data between Hubspot accounts, including the engagements, attachments, etc. Feel free to give it a try with a free sample here:

Hope this helps!


@ashley: Is your tool ( will import the contacts along with related details (like notes and timeline activities)?

I know very well about the timeline api but timeline api would work only for custom event timeline not core activities which is created by hubspot.

Can you please confirm whether it is possible to migrate the core timeline activities via api from one hubspot to another hubspot?


@ashley: Can you please respond me as soon as possible.


@sathish Yes, our tool migrates the standard engagements from the timeline (calls, emails, meetings, tasks, notes)

Are you moving from CRM or from Marketing?



Are you moving from CRM or from Marketing? => Marketing

now, Is it possible to migrate the standard engagements from the timeline (calls, emails, meetings, tasks, notes) using api?


@sathish yes, it’s possible to migrate the standard engagements over the API


Hi @ashley: Can you please let me know exact api url to get the standard engagements for the particular contact?


@ashley : can you please let me know exact api url?


@sathish This is the docs we use for engagements API:


HI @ashley: ok but how do i migrate timeline activities like form submissions, marketing emails opened, workflows completed using api?,


Hi @ashley: Can you please answer to my concern?


Hi there,

I’m currently struggling with a very similar same issue. Our company will move from Hubspot Enterprise to ZOHO, hence I would like to expot ALL our data. This includes engagement data like logged calls, meetings, notes, etc. (all user related information).

I was told by Hubspot support to try export engagement data by performing a ‘get-command’. I only succeed in ‘getting’ all engagement data contact by contact. We’ve got tens of thousands contacts, I cannot perform a get-command for each contact separately.

Have you got any other suggestions for me?



Hi @arno.bultereys,

You can use the engagements API to pull all engagements; the engagements will include their associations, so you can associate them with the relevant records on your end:


Hi Derek,

Thanks for reaching out.

We are only a small company with no developper, nor a person with any knowledge about coding, ‘get commands’, etc. We will need a detailed step-by-step guide of all actions we must undertake. Could you give me one please?

Best regards,


Hi @arno.bultereys,

If you don’t have any access to development resources, you’re going to have trouble using the HubSpot APIs for a complete export, even with my help. I would recommend looking into some 3rd party migration services that can do the export for you. Companies like Import2 and Trujay Group offer various levels of migration services:


Hi Arno.. Were you able to complete the export ?

API - Full Data Export of Contacts and Activities

Hi all,

One of our clients is moving from Hubspot Pro to Enterprise and they don't want to lose any data. Is it possible in any way to be able to move view-only contact records like no. of marketing emails opened, no. of sessions, etc.?



Hi @deepak_b,

Is your client simply upgrading their subscription within the same account, or moving their data to a different account?

  • If they are upgrading within the same account, no data will be lost.
  • If they are attempting to migrate the data from one account to another, this is not possible.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

The client is moving to a different account. They currently have multiple pro subscriptions and they are moving to a single enterprise subscription. I suppose this doesn't change your response above?