How to export contact timeline events?


Hey, @deepak_b.

Apologies, I may have misunderstood your original question. You asked:

Is it possible in any way to be able to move view-only contact records like no. of marketing emails opened, no. of sessions, etc.?

While it is not possible to transfer these values to a different account and make the new account combine or use historical values (e.g. import a contact with 6 page views and the next time they visit, raise the count to 7), you can export these read-only property values and import them into a custom contact property in the new account.

For example, let's say a contact has a value of 10 for the Marketing emails clicked property. You cannot export this value and overwrite the new account's Marketing emails clicked value, but you can create a custom contact property with the name Historical marketing emails clicked and fill it with the value 10 for that contact.


Yeah I've been told this and we'll be doing this but ideally wanted contact timelines moved exactly. Thanks for the help.


Sure thing, @deepak_b. Sorry that isn't possible.