How to Export Profile Timelines to External Database


Hello I am new here. Just wondering if hubspot supports exporting data to an external database i.e. PostgreSQL or MySQL. I want to analyze contacts timelines and right now I don’t have a way to get all timelines


@atkawa7 You can export out information through our APIs. From there you can store it anywhere you want.


@pmanca Thanks for the prompt response. Could you lead me to the documentation where I can find ways to achieve that? Also, currently we have contacts over 2M and going to each timeline one by one seems to be a onerous task. Is there an endpoint where I can get contacts’ timelines in bulk.


@atkawa7 I should have read you post more thoroughly right now you can only export out the custom timeline events and not all of the contacts timelines. Here is a link to the endpoint to get a timeline event(singular).