How to fetch recently modified contacts based on timeoffset


I want to collect contacts from HubSpot. This process will involves large number of contacts. The initial list of contacts present in portal were consumed through "Get all contacts API". But when I am trying to fetch updated/created contacts after previous request using timestamp offset returns contacts which are not modified through API

I passed current time in milliseconds as a timeOffset param value. Actually I am expecting API should return empty results. Because I didn't do nothing in my portal. But it returns contacts having timestamp before the one that I have passed.

Any example or suggestions, how to fetch the modified contacts intelligently.


Hi @Kalpana_Prakasam,

The timeOffset parameter cannot be used to limit results on the first call to this endpoint. The Get recently updated and created contacts endpoint always returns the most recently updated or created contacts in reverse chronological order.

Thus, no contacts have been created or updated since the first addedAt value returned.

Derek describes the functionality in more detail in this topic.