How to fetch the account's currency type?



Is it possible to fetch the Currency type from the Settings -> Account defaults?
We are fetching deal amounts from the deals API, but while using it in our application, we wanna know in what Currency format to display it in.
I thought it would be available under the /me endpoint. But it was not.


Hi @arjunmayilvaganan,

It’s not currently possible to fetch a portal’s currency type via the API. I’ll touch base with the team for some more information as to whether this feature might be planned or not.


Hello HubSpot Team,

I am also interested in determining a specific portal’s currency & number format. The use case that I am working with is that I am creating a service marketplace app that leverages HubSpot. I have users that will install from all around the globe, and one of the items that needs to be displayed to a user is a dollar amount for deal values, and other corresponding currency units.

Has there been any discussion or updates around implementing this functionality? Or any other ideas around determining currency & number formats for a given HubSpot portal. Maybe even get their location, and then I can perform a lookup for the user’s assumed currency for that country.

Any ideas or updates on this feature’s roadmap would be appreciated.



Hi @Drew and @arjunmayilvaganan,

Thank you both for your patience on this front. The account details endpoint will include a portal's currency information going forward! An announcement will be coming shortly; check it out for more details, and feel free to reach out on this topic with any questions.


@Derek_Gervais Thanks for the follow up - I have confirmed that I am receiving an additional currency key in the request to the /integrations/v1/me route.

Appreciate the follow through HubSpot team!