How to filter Contacts Subscribed to a Subscription Type?



Requested my colleague who manages our Hubspot account to confirm he's able to filter contacts by Subscription (no opted-out users and users who have explicitly subscribed and opted into particular Subscription Types), and he mentioned that it's not possible!

By using the Hubspot API, Hubspot response is status 200, with explicit subscribe TRUE and optState OPT_IN, as you can see bellow:

The result of this request originates a new contact, where the UI displays the Subscribed list, as we can see:

I expected that my team mate could filter the user by the subscription. Because the user client might unsubscribe to a particular topic, as we can see below:

We understand that we can filter by the Opted Out state, but the problem with that is that this value is only available, explicitly on OPT_OUT. How to filter users who have explicitly OPT_IN? Unless we create a custom property (which I will just after posting this), this is not available.


With GDPR and Data Protection laws, would be easier if the Field was "OptedStatus: Subscription topic x" = OPT_IN or OPT_OUT, would be way simpler!

It's our assumption that when Sending Emails, by choosing the Subscription Topic will gather all the subscribed contacts.

But the data is not very useful otherwise if we need to filter by explicit subscription and opt status and create our own lists with specific rules (sorry about the Jargon, I'm not the Hubspot account admin but dev).

Hoping to get some comments on this, meanwhile, I'll have to create custom dynamic properties for each Subscription by Type, which is a waste of time and energy because I could just have this for free if the hubspot admin could filter by subscription...

Thanks for looking!


Hi @punkbit,

To clarify, are you and your colleague looking to filter contact lists by either OPT_IN or OPT_OUT status?

Unless I have misunderstood you, this is possible.

As outlined in the Create a list of contacts by subscription type section of this article, there's a dedicated Email subscription list filter category, which allows you to segment the list by all combinations of OPT_IN and OPT_OUT statuses. This screencast demonstrates some of the capabilities in my own account.

Is this what you're looking for?


Thanks @Isaac_Takushi that is perfect!
I did end up creating the feature, but I'll inform my colleague who's the hubspot user about it and we'll stick with the default process instead.


Glad to hear it, @punkbit!