How to find a person by email on Hubspot?


Is there any global search feature on Hubspot by which I can find any person who has an account on Hubspot via their email or name? Using the Hubspot API it seems I can only connect to an account whose API key I know and can get data (contacts, companies etc) for that particular account only. I am trying to integrate Hubspot with another ruby on rails app which is basically a job portal where candidates can log in and search for positions in various companies or institutions and apply for them. I am trying to do it such a manner that when a candidate signs up, their account is automatically linked to their hubspot account and transfer of data takes place from our app and hubspot. Is there any way to do this effectively?


Hi @prajit65,

To clarify, is your goal to query HubSpot users and automatically install your app in these users' portals (even if only one user in a portal has logged into your service)?

If so, this type of use case is not supported.

HubSpot OAuth applications must be approved by a user on an authorization page, so they cannot be automatically integrated. (HubSpot only uses the RFC 6749 Authorization Code Flow.) Applications are also installed portal-wide and are not user-specific.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood your description or can clarify further.