How to finish the installation process of an app?


Hello there and thanks in advance.

I have two doubts, actually.

  1. What should I do after my server receives the code and exchange it for an access token? Normally, the user remains in the authorized website after an OAuth process. But on this case, I think I should redirect the user back to Hubspot. But where?

  2. The second doubt is related to the first one. On the market for integrations, there are two kinds of installations: one that opens a new window (Google Calendar) and another that opens a new tab (Zapier). The first one seems to be the other way around: Google is the authorizer and Hubspot is the authorized. When I install Google Calendar, there must be a window.postMessage() in order to close the new browser window. This is what I actually want, but I don't see my app as an authorizer, but rather as an authorized by Hubspot.

In either case, I cannot see how the URL responsible for initiating an installation (seen here) can be used on the market for integrations. Zapier, for example, which opens on a new tab, does not appear to use it.

Again, thanks!


I actually tried installing Zapier's integration, but I couldn't. Things are really messy on their side.

On the other hand, I managed to install Zendesk's integration, and they do use the URL for authorizing an app on Hubspot, although they also appear to be an authorizer themselves.


Hi @phcoliveira,

  1. This part actually depends on your process. It might make the most sense to redirect the users to a 'confirmation' page, or perhaps to redirect them to your app where they can check out the functionality of the integration.
  2. The specific behavior of various other integrations isn't really the best benchmark for your integration, since some are native (i.e. created by HubSpot), some are Connect certified, and some are 3rd party (i.e not created by HubSpot & not certified Connect). You should design your installation process based on what makes the most sense for users of your integration.


Hi, @phcoliveira,

Did you actually found a solution for this?? I need my app to be the Authorizer also, but I can't find in the docs the way to do it.


Hi @Marco_Artavia,

Can you create a new topic with more details on the issue that you're running into? This topic is fairly old and it'd be better to start a new one for your specific question(s).