How to format Deal Property numbers?



When we create Deal Properties, how can I cause a number to be treated as currency or percentage?


any ideas here? seems like this may not be possible?


@pmanca – any help here?


@cre what would be the end result once you had the number as a currency or percentage? The revenue amount should be a currency field for you.


So when I review the docs here:

I see the following data types:

  • string
  • number
  • bool
  • datetime
  • enumeration

If my revenue can be currency, that’s fine, but what if I want to track pursuit costs as well?

I can’t add a deal property with a currency data type, can I?

        "name": "pursuit_costs",
        "label": "Pursuit Costs",
        "description": "Money spent chasing the deal",
        "groupName": "dealinformation",
        "type": "number",  //-- would be nice to have "currency" here
        "fieldType": "number",
        "formField": true,
        "displayOrder": 0


Sorry I didn’t really answer your question…

I’d like to see… $50,000 instead of 50000


@cre thanks for the explanation. At this moment in time you cannot make a field be a currency to see ‘$50,000’ instead of ‘50000’. This would be a nice feature to have and if you feel inclined you can add it to our ideas board if it isn’t already.