How to get activity stats and details for contact


We are considering to develop plugin for integration between Hubspot and one CRM system, and API specification is pretty clear.
However we can't find API calls to get activity list for particular contact, for example emails that we sent to user via Hubspot marketing tools, if email is opened, website and form activities and similar.
Based on some other posts in this forum, seems there are no way that these activities can be pulled via API, correct?

Next option that we can eventually think is to use iframe inside our CRM system, and present these data from Hubspot based on contact that user viewing in CRM(if user is connected to Hubspot). So, I am wondering if this is possible, or do you have maybe other, better ideas how these activities and analytics data for contact can be pulled from Hubspot and presented directly in CRM system?

Just update details: I would like is to import activity details dashboard(Dashboard that contain Activity, Notes, Email, Calls and Tasks ) that can be seen on contacts details page on hubspot - for example on this page:

I apologize if my terminology is not in sync with Hubspot object names, but I am sure you understand what I want to archive.



Hi @Ivica_Nedeljkovic, while there's not one endpoint that can do this for you, you can more or less get most of the information you're seeking by using a few of them. To get all engagements (Calls, tasks, notes, meetings, 1:1 emails) you can use the get all engagements endpoint. For marketing email events, you can use the Get email events API -- note this is for a particular recipient, meaning that this is tied to the contact's email address. If they change their email address, it wouldn't be included without you querying their second address. For higher level analytics overviews, the Analytics API is where you'll want to turn to.

It may be wise as you've suggested, if you need all this data on the contact in one place, to create an iFrame with the CRM Extensions API that displays this data in an external system. Let me know if I can clarify or if you need more info


Thank you for your reply.
Yes, can you please provide more details how to use iframe in an external system? I have some information on that, but maybe your idea would be better!


Hi @Ivica_Nedeljkovic, the CRM Extensions API is one of the more complex APIs, but everything you'll need to know about them is here: They're quite powerful