How to GET all Object Types in CRM Extensions API



In the documentation for the CRM Extensions API (

I don’t see a way to GET all the existing Object Types setup under my app.

A blank GET call to[APIKEY] does not throw an error, but it also doesn’t return any result. I assume maybe you need to pass an applicationId, but when I try to do that via query string, it doesn’t work either.

Any ideas on how to get this?

For reference, the REASON I want to do this is because sometimes in testing, I’m able to create a new Object Type but I’m not grabbing the response (which I am aware includes the objectId).

In order to update or delete the Object Type, I need the objectId so it is cumbersome to have to be so careful about grabbing the response and getting it right every time, especially when the code may fail during debugging before I can get it out.


did you get a solution for this topic?..Thanks