How to get all stage a Deal has been through?



Hi there. How can get all stages that a particular Deal has been through? This would help understand, for instance, the path for lost deals. I can see that in the interface, but I have to go one by one, which is not what I am looking for. I need an aggregate analysis.


Hi @Daniel_Piret_ITM_Pla

If you’re pulling all of your deals using the API, you can use the propertiesWithHistory= parameter to get the data for a property and include all of the previous versions of that property.


Hello dadams,
Thank you very much for your reply. It looks like it doesn’t work or we are not understanding the results:


The propertiesWithHistory must use a deal property name. It can’t be used to filter records with specific values, so you’d need to pull all of your deals, include the propertiesWithHistory=dealstage to make sure that the returned deals have the data for the dealstage property, and then do any analysis or filtering on your side.


I got it!. Thank you very much!


Hi - I’ve given this a try with the following request curl{{ api key }}f&includeAssociations=true&properties=dealname

I’m not seeing any properties in the response … manually verified a dealid for a dealname

The API documentation seems to be consistent with the thread here … but I wanted to verify whether there’s something I may be missing.


@dadams do you have any insight here? or is there any additional context i can provide? still not able to use these query parameters using my api key as described.


Hmmm – is anyone there?


Hi @Jasdeep_Garcha,

Looks like there’s an f in between the api key and the &includeAssociations parameter. Can you post the response you’re getting with that request?


Hi @Derek_Gervais - that’s a typo. It’s part of my actual API key.


Hi @Jasdeep_Garcha,

Could you send me a direct message with the exact request URL you’re using, and the full response you get?