How to get all the properties for all contacts in a hubspot?


@pmanca Hi bro…I have one issue in accessing the get recently updated contacs or get all contacts.

I am having a URL like this:

<cfhttp url=
&count=100 method=“get” result=“httpResp” />

I have 20 properties like this.

If i set count >20.It doesn’t show any response.

But all the contacts having all the properties.If I passed this URL…Only few contacts showing all the 20 properties.Other contacts doesn’t show that property name and even though the value is null.But,the property name is not shown in api response.

Below Example:


2.“properties”:{“country”:{“value”:""},“firstname”:{“value”:“Tijmen”},“city”:{“value”:""},“community_name”:{“value”:“xxx”},“birth_date”:{“value”:""},“status":{“value”:“cold”},“source”:{“value”:“SiteStaff”},"is_this_lead_active”:{“value”:“Yes”},“mobilephone”:{“value”:""},“prospect_name”:{“value”:" “},“company”:{“value”:”"}

the first and second property are the response for above mentioned url.But the first one shows very few properties and the second shows more properties.why the first properties set doesn’t shows the remaining properties.But I passed the same URL.Is there any settings issue on this?what’s the problem could you help me bro.


Hi @boopathi_s,
I’m not a Hubspot expert and do not represent Hubspot Support.
However i’ve been dealing with their APIs recently. Regarding your questions, contacts who do not hold those properties (meaning, their simply NULL), will not be returned whatsoever. I know, it’s weird. I also expect these properties to be returned as null if they don’t exist, but that’s how HS’s API works.
@dadams correct me if i’m wrong.



@saar1 yeah thank you bro…But for recently updated contacts…it defaultly shows the 20 records…but if I give count =20 or 100 it shows response in seperate URL. but If I put Code…it doesn’t show any record.It’s the issue because of properties.Am I right?