How to get an APPID



Is there any way of getting an APPID via the api? It’s required in order to set up a webhook.



Hi @Andy_Eltis,

You can get the app id from the app’s settings in your developer portal. It’s not currently possible to get an app id via the API.


Is the developer portal the same thing as a developer account? I was under the impression that the developer account was sandboxed away from the main marketing application. Is that true? If so, how does the app id from my developer account help me with the API for my main account?


Hi @carltonsmith,

A developer portal is the same as a developer account; it’s where your app(s) and their settings live. This is distinct from the portal(s) that installs your app. In this situation, it sounds like Andy was using the webhooks API, which allows you to subscribe to events in portals that have installed your app. You can find some more info on the webhooks API below:



Thanks for the response, but I’m not dealing with web hooks. I asked my question because I was confused about the purpose of the developer portal as I have been told one thing and it looks like it’s actually used for something else.

Thanks anyway