How to get call outcome via engagement api?



Hello all,

When a hubspot_owner finishes a call to a client, he can register to outcome of this call via the call_outcome.

The possible call_outcome values are:

  • No answer
  • Busy
  • Wrong number
  • Left live message
  • Left voicemail
  • Connected

It would be great if I can access those call_outcomes via the (engagement) api, but I cannot find it in the documentation (

Is there a way to get the call_outcomes via api?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Gerhard Riphagen


Hi @gerhardriphagen,

When you pull call engagements using the get all engagements endpoint (see below) you’ll notice that call-type engagements have a field in their metadata called disposition. This correlates to the Call Outcome that appears on the call in-app; the following table illustrates which disposition values correspond to which Call Outcome values:

Value of dispositon Call Outcome
73a0d17f-1163-4015-bdd5-ec830791da20 No answer
9d9162e7-6cf3-4944-bf63-4dff82258764 Busy
17b47fee-58de-441e-a44c-c6300d46f273 Wrong number
a4c4c377-d246-4b32-a13b-75a56a4cd0ff Left live message
b2cf5968-551e-4856-9783-52b3da59a7d0 Left voicemail
f240bbac-87c9-4f6e-bf70-924b57d47db7 Connected

Here’s the article I mentioned earlier:

Could I get call outcome via Engagements API

Wow, you are my hero for today! Thank you very much, exactly what I need!


As a follow up on this, I’ve updated the developer docs to include this information in an FAQ page:



Gerhard -

We are frantically searching for a developer with experience pulling all activities from a HubSpot CRM via the API.

Is this something you have done? Or do you have a resource who can do this?

Here’s a little background:

The client has many contacts without emails. We uploaded them w/o realizing there were so many. Their sales team starting using the CRM then we were given additional data to add to the contacts already in the portal.
When we uploaded the additional data and we had many duplicates due to the lack of email addresses.

Now we have a fresh data base fully scrubbed, all with emails or placeholder validated email. Before we can upload we need to delete all the previously imported contacts but we need to retain all the activity logged in the CRM. We only recently learned that it was not simple to export that data.
We have been told by HubSpot support the data can be exported via the API.
I do not know what the Engagement API is or where to get it. Can you advise?
It is distressing that this data in so inaccessible. It seems obvious that a company might want this data for a multitude of reasons not least of which could be importing into another CRM. We only discovered the data was inaccessible by searching the Knowledge Base for the methods to export it.
Can you provide any additional direction or assistance?

Thanks in advance,