How to get company_name or funding_amount using API key


Hello, I started a development portal and generated API key. Then I tried to follow the API documents: get company properties: company_name or funding_amount

Here is the url with API key:

It’s showing many properties, how can I retrieve the properties we need? I have setup .NET environment and try to retrieve these properties.

I tried to get a company property: funding_amount using
It will give me an error: {“status”:“error”,“message”:“Couldn’t find a Property with the given name ‘funding_amount’”,“correlationId”:“87f16e71-58b4-45a4-826f-0977df5643e6”,“requestId”:“6395b2992f110cfb931a86d730fff4ee”}

Are there any additional steps needed? How can I get company_name or funding_amount using API key on development portal?

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advanced.


Hi @wlyu9248

The Developer HAPIkey only works for setting up the platform APIs (the Webhooks and Timeline APIs). If you’re looking for data in a test portal, you would need to get the API key for that specific test portal.


Thanks dadams for pointing me to the right direction.

I created a test portal and generated an API key. I was able to get contacts value by entering the following url with generated API:

It’s showing Brian Halligan(Sample Contact). If I created more contacts, this url will show me more.

We have many contact properties such as funding_amount and company name, I thought we could retrieve them by using this url with the same generated API: , but it’s showing many unrelated values.

How can I retrieve these values correctly? The purpose of doing this is to pass these values to my .NET environment, then do some calculation and pass back to hubspot.

Thanks for your help again.


Contact records will only include properties they have a set value for, so you won’t see an entry for properties that were never set, even if you include the property in the API request URL.

Also, the test portal will only start with the default contact properties, so you’d need to recreate any custom properties in the test portal before being able to use them there.