How to get Email Campaign Timestamp via API



we are getting all Email Campaigns properties (clicks, Bounces, Reply, Open, Delivered, etc etc) via this API:

We need also to get the Timestamp on when each Email Campaign was created/sent. How can we get this piece of data via API?



Hi @Nino_Palermo

Can you tell me more about what you’re looking for here? We don’t have a way to see when a campaign was created, but the event data would show you when the emails were actually sent.



I see. Actually data about when emails were Sent could be good, however we need to understand how we would get these data.

As for some email campaign the sending is spread through all the days, and for some this is concentrated in one unique day, how we would get the data split by (Campaign Name)?


The get events endpoint I linked previously will let you get data for a specific campaign (using the same campaign ID and app ID that you use with the get campaign data endpoint you’re already using). The data you’d get from the endpoint would include all event data, so each separate send event would be returned, so you’d be able to check when the sends occurred to see if they happened all at once or were spread out.

There some more general information about the data you’d be able to see with the Email Events API on the overview page: