How to get form submission contacts in order of submission? Older contacts - new form - bottom of list



We have facebook forms syncing to Hub. We retrieve the Hub list using the list number and the recent tag or recently... i forget what it is right now. Everything works great except...

If there is a contact that filled out a form in the past or just crossed our Hub account in the past, their create date could be 3 years ago. When pulling the recent members of the list, it seems that even if they have just become members of that list because they just filled out the form it is attached to, they go to the bottom or wherever their create date fits in.

So, we never find out that this lead is back and hot as they could be 300 contacts down the list so our call does not receive them.

Is there a different way we can think about this using different calls where we could know all form submissions or list memberships or workflow enrolled in order of submission?

Can we maybe use update date instead of create but only receive from a certain list or form or workflow?

Thanks for any help,



Hi @joshua.heller,

You can sort lists & views based on any column; first add the property in question to the list/view, then click the column header to sort. In this case, you might consider sorting by 'Recent Conversion Date' to get contacts with the most recent form submission at the top of the list/view.


Thanks Derek... we are using the API, not the dashboard or list view.

Can we get a list sorted by Recent Conversion Date?

Does that date change every time they fill out a new list?

Any help is appreciated.



Hi @joshua.heller,

I see; thank you for the clarification. Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're looking to request contacts ordered by their 'Recent Conversion Date' property? There isn't a server side search functionality for 'Recent Conversion Date', so you'd either have to pull contacts using the Recently Modified endpoint and then sort on your end, or you could create a list in the HubSpot UI and then request the contacts within that list using the 'Get contacts in a list' endpoint.

Regarding your other question: Yes, the 'Recent Conversion Date' property updates automatically based on the most recent form submission.


Thank you for this info Derek.

I will see if I can use it to make something work.