How to get Hubspot webhooks working


please probably a basic question, but I'm unable to proceed further on my own. I need to get a basic webhook working - our company has a Hubspot account that contains lots of Deal entities.

What I need to do is simple: create a webhook that will post to a configured url everytime a certain property (Deal Stage) changes.

I have, according to the documentation, setup a separate Hubspot application and configured the necessary webhook there. However, now I'm not sure how to continue. Hubspot customer support has directed me here:

Unfortunately, that page doesn't really say much. I've setup the url with the param client_id set. However, I have no idea what to put into scope, as documentation on webhooks side and oauth side says nothing about which scope I need (of course I could have missed it). I'm also not sure about redirect_url - imho it is not relevant here, as I don't care about the redirect, I just want to setup the connection.

I tried setting client_id with some random scope and redirect_url, which asked me to give oauth consent, but afterwards nothing happened - imho it didn't do anything.

Please, could I ask for directions as to how should I proceed with setting up the webhook? I have searched this forum before and found one similar discussion, but the solution from there didn't work for me. Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi @Josef_Hertl,

The doc you linked to describes the OAuth flow that's necessary to obtain refresh/access tokens. If your integration is only going to be installed to a single portal, you don't actually need to set up an 'acutal' redirect_url or anything. You can simply navigate to the authroization URL you created, approve the integration, and then grab the code parameter from the address bar once you're redirected to the redirect_uri you specified before.

Once you complete this flow, the app should appear as installed to you portal. You can then set up your webhook URL and other webhook settings in your developer portal, and once you activate the subscription(s) your webhook URL will begin receiving webhook notifications.



I apologize for reviving this short thread, but I believe I find myself in the same situation as @Josef_Hertl above.

I am basically building a small prototype to allow our website to receive notifications from Hubspot when events happen over there, for example to automate account creation, that sort of thing.

I believe webhooks are the way to go, and I followed the steps outlined by @Derek_Gervais, but I don't see any indication that my app was installed in my test portal (it should appear in Settings > Integrations > Apps, right?)

Moreover, I don't really get what I am supposed to be doing with the code parameter that I grabbed from the address bar after the redirection — and of course my prototype does not receive any POST request :laughing:

Thanks in advance for your help!



Found the missing piece of the puzzle here:

What I needed to to was to Generate the refresh token and initial access token.

Everything works now! :tada:


Glad you were able to get this to work @Mathieu_Richardoz! Feel free to reach out to Support or open a new topic in the forums moving forward if you have any specific questions for us :slight_smile: