How to get in Predictive Lead Scoring section Positive and Negative Factors through the API


Hello guys,

I’m searching for a way to get these information from “Predictive Lead Scoring” section, about Positive and Negative Factors -
I’m trying to find where are these fields located in yours API Documentation and I can’t find it. I want to get them through the API call. Can you please tell me is it possible?
If yes, please tell me more details about which are the field names, which object handle them.

Thanks in advance!

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@Dani At this time the predictive lead scoring metrics or factors are not available through the API. What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is another way.


@pmanca We would like to import all the metrics about predictive lead scoring in our self-build CRM.
Thank you for your answer.


@pmanca - Any idea for other way in our case?


@Dani At the moment I do not believe this will be accomplish-able via our APIs.