How to get the activity report for a contact


Hi, could you please confirm that we can implement the following items via API?
Please specify the endpoints which we should use if implementation is possible.

1. We want to get the Hubspot activity our contacts have engaged in. For example, what webpages they have seen, whether they’ve downloaded whitepapers etc.

2. We want to get all contacts with the same activity (e.g. download white paper) to create activity notes in our desktop application.



Hi @dmytro

We don’t currently have a way to get all of the activities for a contact, but it is possible to create a list based on many of those activities (including viewing a page or filling out a form). One you create the list, you can get the contacts in the list using the API.


Hi @dadams,

Im looking at doing something similar to this, when calling the ‘get contacts in a list’ api does this return a timestamp with dateAdded to the list, or dateLastModified?



@ian If you’re pulling contacts in a list, each record will include an addedAt value that represents when the contact was added to the list. The lastmodifieddate contact property will also be included, but that property represents when the contact was last modified, and it’s independent of the addedAt value.


Thanks for your reply @dadams.

I suppose I will need to remove contacts from the list once processed or after a period of time, so that I can use the addedAt date as a loose representative of when they last visited a webpage.

Are there any plans to increase the Timeline API to export on a per contact basis? As the work that I will be doing for the above would only be a workaround for what the Timeline API could achieve.

Many Thanks.