How to get the list of completed workflow for TODAY using API?



I am trying to get the list of completed workflow for a given workflow ID using the Workflow API.
When browsing the History in the Workflow page, I can see a list of contacts who have completed the workflow…and I would list to retrieve that list of contacts using the Workflow API below :

My issue is that it doesn’t return the list that I want…perhaps I am missing something here, can you please help me?

Many thanks


Hey @Roberts

The easiest way to get a list of contacts that have completed a specific workflow would be to create a list using that as the enrollment criteria and then just query the list instead of the workflow.



Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your reply.

I would like to avoid that option because we have 40k contacts and checking each contact for that particular workflow will be too time consuming.

I was hoping that the GET workflow would be able to return a sub set of contacts who have completed this particular workflow.

GET workflow already has the variable “enrolledListContacts” count so, it seems to me that it should also provide a list of associated contacts.




Sorry I was unclear, you should use the Lists endpoint to build a list to segment contacts that have completed the workflow, you do not need to check each contact one at a time.

The workflow filters are currently unlisted in the user docs, but I’ll get it added in. In the meantime here is an example POST body to contacts/v1/lists.

"dynamic" : true,
"name" : "WF Example list",
"authorId" : 811412,
"filters" : [
"withinTimeMode" : "PAST",
"workflowId" : 1238678,
"filterFamily" : "Workflow",
"portalId" : 471491}

You can then query the list by ID to see the contacts who’ve completed the workflow:

GET /contacts/v1/lists/:list_id.


Hi Sebastian,

ok, I understand now the workaround.
Looking at the sample from your list, there is no “completion date” of the completed workflow…that would be an issue as I need to build some KPIs such as when did we capture the lead and which pages did the lead actually see on our website.

Thank you for your help.