How to implement Hubspot API using Ruby on rails?


I need to implement hubspot contacts api using Ruby on rails.

Which gems are better to implement Hubspot API with Ruby on rails?
Also how can i add ip address in contact API using ruby on rails ?


Hi Rajesh,

I’m not familiar with Ruby on Rails, but I’m sure someone else in this community can provide pointers on the best gems to use. Basically, you want to focus on libraries that make it easy to access REST endpoints. In python I favor using the requests package for this.

As for the IP address, you can update a contact’s IP address by using the contact update endpoint The property you want to update is the ipaddress property. The ipaddress property is a built-in property and should be available on all portals.



I use this gem


Recently I needed to integrate with Hubspot using Ruby, I tried use some gems but these gems bring to my project many others that I wasn’t need, so I decided to implement my gem pure JSON implementation if you need any help fork feel free to improve …

good luck