How to include all emails in CRMExtension api request




I have set up a CRM Extension object, where the Associated HubSpot object is contact. One of the properties I am using is "email". I am testing with a contact that has two emails listed. However, I can see in the request, only the primary email is being included. Is there a way to include all emails associated with the contact?

Edit: If there was a way include the merged-vids in the call, that would also work for what I need to do. I tried using "email.versions, merged-vids, email" as the associated properties, but it only passes the email (along with the default properties). What I'm trying to do is make an API call that will retrieve all user accounts in our database that are associated with one HubSpot contact record. Since hubspot contacts can be merged and have multiple emails, just looking up by one vid or one email will not work.


Anyone have a response on this?


Hi @fwcovisum,

Sorry for the lack of communication here; this was actually on my list, but I realize now I didn't let you know this is being worked on. We're rolling out a fix soon that should allow you to see the hs_additional-emails property, which includes all emails associated with a given contact. This property will be read only, and can be accessed via the contacts API like any other property.

I'll reach back out in this thread when we actually push the change.


Hi @fwcovisum,

Thanks for your patience here. You can now explicitly request the additional emails property like this: