How to increase web Page speed


Hi Developers,
Can anyone here can help me to increase the page speed of website, i have already optimised the the images, what are the other steps we can do to optimise the web to increase the Page speed.



Hi @Subin_Das,

Have you tried checking your site with website grader? Or if it's a HubSpot page, have you checked out the SEO optimization suggestions?


@Derek_Gervais Ya i have tried Website Grader its showing good result,

but when in checked the web in GTmatrix its showing a very low result, how can i make the result better,

web-link :



Hi @Subin_Das,

Does the GTmatrix result give any suggestions? The typical advice is to reduce/eliminate render-blocking JS, optimize image sizes, and a few other things:


i have optimised the images, now the score increased a little more,
Do you have any suggestion @Derek_Gervais for how to remove the query strings, is it possible to remove the query strings from HS url



Hi @Subin_Das,

Those query parameters are actually a part of HubSpot's automatic image resizing, which serves the resized images from our CDN (so you don't have to worry about the cache-busting nature of the query params). The following Knowledge Base article has more details on the automatic image resizing:


Hi @Subin_Das,

There are a few things worth investigating here:

  1. Your page is making 245 requests. That's a LOT! Some things to think about:
  • Your Javascript and CSS should be being automatically combined by HubSpot into one file for each. This isn't happening. It could be the way you are linking the files. Jump on a chat with HubSpot support if you need help, or check the documents to make sure you're including your JS/CSS files correctly.
  • You're loading in a lot of fonts - looks like about 18 to me. Any you're not using, remove from your font loader.
  • Each testimonial is its own HTTP request? That seems excessive. You should just be making one HTTP request ideally and loading them in batch, rather than requesting one-by-one.
  1. One of your images is 1.1MB - that's big, so I think there's more work to do on compressing images. Be aware that any images loaded through JS/JQuery may not be being optimized by the HubSpot image server. I also notice that, for example, the three headshots you have in the section 'Your Own Costa Rica Travel Agent' are large images. You should crop these and reduce the size in Photoshop.

  2. The overall page size is large, you need to reduce it down wherever you can. So, as well as following the thoughts above, think about design decisions. Do you really need to load 45 testimonials? And it seems the page is loading 45 pictures, one for each testimonial (although, they don't even seem to be displayed). Why not cut it down to a smaller number - you'll reduce your page size and number of HTTP requests quite easily.

Hope these pointers help!



Thanks @Mike_Ward i will check and provide you the feedbacks