How to integrate Google search feature snippets code implementation code


We need snippet code to add into our website.

Like how HubSpot shows in search results (Attached a screenshot).

Could you help us in providing the code and how to implement on HubSpot platform.

Following these link as per google:
They have different segments and we wish to group it together (code ) via HubSpot.


It would be great if you respond as quickly as possible with easy solution.

Thank You!


Hi @LearnCab, you should be able to add in snippets of code to your Site Header HTML in HubSpot in your settings. If you check out the examples here:, you'll be able to follow that structure and add it to your website globally.

That said, this forum is best used for help with our APIs and are not very familiar with this Google setup. You may be able to get more pointed help in Googles forums: