How to make a form display persistent until user enters his email address


i want to show lead flow until an unsubscribed user sends his email address. as anytime he enters to my site the lead flow will be shown.


@SHAHRDOON_city_event Do you know what version of HubSpot you have?


No i don’t. how do i know?


You can look in the account and billing section. You can get to it from clicking on the silhouette in the top right of your portal.

Also if it is easier for you. If you let me know your company name/url domain that you have tied to HubSpot then I can try and look it up as well from my end.


my website url is:


@SHAHRDOON_city_event It looks like you are using the free version of the marketing platform. In order to achieve what you are looking to do you will need access to our API to see if you already have that contact or not. That requires at least the basic edition of HubSpot.


@SHAHRDOON_city_event I did some digging and found out that users of the free CRM and free marketing tools do get limited access to our APIs. You could use the contacts API to check if that user already exists or not. Here is a link to the endpoint you would want to leverage.


please explain me how can i install it?


@SHAHRDOON_city_event There is nothing to install. You can write any program you want and make a call to our servers. There are examples on how to make the call in different languages on the documentations. Here is the link again: