How to: Make custom module changes global?



Im coding a new hubspot theme in 'html templates' with '{% custom modules %}'. The custom modules serve as 'components' for a webpage. The goal is to have a library with 'ready made components', so i can assemble a website faster for a new hubspot client/portal.

Little example of how a hompage.html template could look like:

Like you see i {# include #} the 'header'. The header is a component build like a custom module. This component includes other modules like the main navigation, a google search, a mobile menu trigger, etc.

This component should be global so one change to the main menu links appears on all webpages. Quite abvious. But if i edit the homepage, to change the links, the changes don't appear on other templates that have the same component included.

Problem is: How do i make this 'component' global?

(It's not an option to rebuild every global group / global module in the default 'drag 'n drop' editor for every hubspot website we make. That would make the production cost to high and would render our idea for a component library useless!This is a big issue for us.

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