How to manage 1 to many relationship



Dear Users,

I am new to HubSpot, please help. I work for a B2C company selling ebooks. In my sales application, whenever a sale is made, I would like to pass the email, book name, auther name and sell date back to hubspot, and mark it against the contact. Can you please advise how to accomplish it. One way I could think of could be behind the scene form submission, but that is too open to the world. Is there any API integration available?



HI @Deepak,

How you do this will depend on how the information will be stored in HubSpot. If each sale should correspond to a deal record in HubSpot, you can use the Deals API to create new deals and associate them with contact records. Otherwise, you might instead use the Engagements API to track these sales. The information below should give you a good starting point: