How to migrate a wordpress website to hubspot


As far my knowledge we can migrate a blogs but I cannot find a way to migrate a whole website from wordpress to hubspot with making site and templetes in hubspot from scratch and then migrating blogs. I am new to this please can nyone help…


@Shubhankar_Das Do you have the COS add-on now or are you looking to purchase this? If you are buying the COS add-on to host the rest of your site on HubSpot you could use our migration team to migrate everything over(pending their are no super advanced features)


Thank you for your quick response @pmanca I really appreciate you effort for the community.I would like to know does the migration team charge for this and if yes then how much. Could there be any other way to do so.


@Shubhankar_Das The first 60 pages are free, then from pages 61-150 are $25/page. If your site is larger than 150 pages then the it is to large for the migration team to migrate. Do you know how many pages your site is? Can I get you in touch with someone who can help with the process of getting the COS add-on to go over if you would be a good fit or not?