How to migrate the HubSpot blog to Wordpress



Our website is currently in HubSpot and we need to migrate the blog HubSpot to Wordpress. We have around 1000 blogs.

Let us know as soon as possible how we move it once.



I found a bit of a hacky way of doing this, if you create a new blog template that formats the data as a csv you can then import that to wordpress via one of the many plugins

{% if is_listing_view %} "post_title","post_body","featured_image","author","topics","post_date","meta_title","meta_description" {% for content in contents %} "{{|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.post_body|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.featured_image|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.blog_post_author|forceescape|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.topic_list|forceescape|replace('[','')|replace(']','')|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.publish_date|forceescape|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.html_title|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}","{{ content.meta_description|replace('"','""')|replace(' ','') }}"{% endfor %}{% endif %}

you will need to change the posts per page option to over 1000 to show all the posts at once


Hi @sameer, @Matt_Scott, that's a really clever use of HubL! Sameer, if you haven't seen, we do have a knowledge base article on exporting pages from HubSpot if you'd like to check that out here: