How to pass dynamic value in query string


When using workflows to ping a custom URL using Webhooks it would be really useful to be able to be able to pass through personalisation tokens in the URL when using GET or set variable so POST.

A potential use for this would be to send a text message to our sales guy (who is always on the road) with a contacts first name, lastname and phone number so that when he is able to he can just open the SMS and click on the phone number and have the phone start dialing.

The URL webhook would be something like:{{contact.firstname}}&lastname={{contact.lastname}}&phone={...

Which would result in the url looking something like:


I could then have a page at this URL that takes the parameters and then sends a nice SMS that looks like:


Hi @saurabh442,

This isn't currently possible with the workflow webhook action. If you change the webhook method to POST, you'll be able to pass the contact JSON in the request body however.