HOW TO Post a form with site specific fields through Hubspot?


On there is a form that the client wants to be available in Hubspot.

Except the “regular” name, address, email etc fields there are also hidden text fields generated “on the fly” as the client changes values of what he/she is interested in.

For example: this is the hidden fields that are generated from the start

< input name=“EXISTING HOME PACKAGE” value="$149" type=“text” >
< input name=“DOOR CONTACTS” value=“2 x $49” type=“text” >
< input name="-INCLUDED DOOR CONTACTS" value="- 2 x $49" type=“text” >
< input name=“MOTION DETECTORS” value=“1 x $99” type=“text” >
< input name="-INCLUDED MOTION DETECTORS" value="- 1 x $99" type=“text” >
< input name=“KEYPADS” value=“1 x $75” type=“text” >
< input name="-INCLUDED KEYPADS" value="- 1 x $75" type=“text” >
< input name=“Subtotal” value="$149.00" type=“text” >
< input name=“GST” value="$7.45" type=“text” >
< input name=“PST” value="$10.43" type=“text” >
< input name=“TOTAL” value="$166.88" type=“text” >
< input name=“SECURITY MONITORING” value="$31.99/mo." type=“text” >

My question is how do I include these and similar fields, dynamically, if it even is possible, in a Hubspot form?

I asked the support and they pointed me to either learn the API or ask here. Learning the API seems very time consuming and I’m not sure the client would want that. :wink:

On the original site, the form is the contact info part in the sidebar, but as mentioned above it also holds input fields generated from the main fields interactive choices. It all is then emailed to the client/website owner, as customer name, contact info and what they want to order.


@Paul1 The best way to handle this sans API would be to make all of the custom properties in HS. Then build out the form in HS that would account for all the possible fields they might want to fill out. You could hide some of them behind conditional choices. Then to copy and paste the embed code to your site. If you want to get more complicated and let contacts who fill out the form add whatever field they would like then you would have to go the API route to accomplish what you are looking for.


I suppose you mean HubSpot with HS? I hardly know anything of how all of this works, could you explain it in a little more detail?


@Paul1 You can embed any form you create in HubSpot into your website. This would allow you to build out a form that would automatically pass in all of the information it grabs into HubSpot. Here is a link to some training videos on forms.