How to post form data to external websites


I have forms creating and published in hubspot on click of submit . Form data was getting submitted to hubspot repo . at the same time , I need to post same data to external website . I am not sure how to and where to integrate external urls . other end system has rest services accepts json , xml and http post .


Hi @Rajender

HubSpot forms don’t have an option to POST the collected data to another system, so if you need to send the data in two directions, you’d need to use a custom form, and then when processing the data use the Forms API to send the data to HubSpot:


we already have integration from our forms to Hub spot. now we are looking to post the data from hub spot forms to our system. . could you provide more details about custom form where to make change with example helps us a lot. thanks


Hi @Rajender

You can get data from HubSpot forms by using webhooks in a workflow. You’d create the workflow to trigger when a contact submits a form, and then you could use webhooks to send that data to your system.

Please see this answer from @dadams in a previous post Send data from HubSpot form to another application


perfect. This is what I am looking for . I did follow the instructions to test my custom form by using the example which was provided . it was working fine. Thanks again