How to post "Recent Conversation Date" from Hubspot to my CRM?


I have a form on a Hubspot landing page that when filled out creates/updates a lead in Hubspot, but then pushes that info into our CRM (VanillaSoft) to create a free trial account through a webhook post. One of the fields that we need to track in our system is the free trial sign up date. Our system creates a posting URL that Hubspot posts to, and I map the fields that I want to collect. For the free trial sign up date I am using the “Recent Conversion Date” in Hubspot to make sure that date is based on the Free Trial form that was just filled out. However, what comes through is a series of numbers (ex. 1493840349791) instead of the date and/or time that populates that field in Hubspot.

Why is this? How can I get the correct info/date to populate in my CRM from Hubspot using a webhook post?



Hi @craig.rector

HubSpot stores all of its date and time values as Unix timestamps in milliseconds, so 1493840349791 would be May 3rd, 2017 3:39:09 PM ET. Depending on the format that VanillaSoft uses, you may need to convert that timestamp into another datetime format (such as 5/3/2014 15:39) before storing the data in VanillaSoft.


Hi @dadams

Thanks for the response. Makes sense what needs to be done, but I’m not sure how to do that. I don’t know to much about development issues. Is there a way to do that in Hubspot? Or is there another method of converting it that you can recommend?



There wouldn’t be a way to convert the timestamp to a different format on the HubSpot side before the webhook was sent.

It’s possible that there would be a way to change the format on the VanillaSoft side after receiving the data, but a quick search of their public documentation doesn’t turn up anything for that. It might be worth contacting their support to see if there are any options for that.

Otherwise, you might need a separate integration between HubSpot and VanillaSoft, that could accept the webhook from HubSpot, reformat it, then pass the reformatted data along to VanillaSoft.