How to redirect users to our app after hubspot form


Hey there,

so, we have a trial form When user submits it, he is redirected to our app with field details in url.

How to use these types of forms with hubspot? Should we replace our form with hubspot and then redirect users? OR maybe there is some integration with Intercom?



Hi @Andrii_Gorokhovskyi,

It depends. You can pass the form info into HubSpot using the Forms API, or you can replace the form with an embedded HubSpot form:


Great, just solved it with Forms api, but there is one issue: if we use forms api, is it possible to see website activity in Hubspot?
We have this:


Hi @Andrii_Gorokhovskyi,

Yes it is; just make sure you're including the hubspotutk cookie value in the hs_context object and it should properly associate website tracking data. More details are in the doc I linked above.