How to Remove a Task Reminder?


I’m trying to use the Update Engagement API to set and clear reminder dates from tasks. Setting the reminder date works fine with something like the following in the payload:

"metadata": {
    "reminders": [1515070800000],
    "sendDefaultReminder": true

I try to clear the reminder with the following in the payload:

"metadata": {
    "reminders": [],
    "sendDefaultReminder": false

… but this doesn’t work. If I do a GET on the given object the reminders array still contains the old value.

What is the proper procedure for clearing the reminder value?


Any ideas on this one?


Hi @homerlex,

Thanks for your patience on this one, slipped under my radar. We intentionally prevent the reminders array from being cleared since there isn’t really a reliable way to differentiate between ‘The caller specifically doesn’t want reminders’ vs. ‘Reminders weren’t specified, so we shouldn’t do anything with them’.

I can understand the use case here (Re. managing task reminders), and I’m touching base with product regarding this. I’ll update this thread with any updates on that front. In the interim, the only way to clear the reminders array is to make a PUT request to the endpoint instead of a PATCH request (Keep in mind that this endpoint will clear any and all metadata that isn’t explicitly included in the PUT request body)