How to render hashed email address into parameter values of 3rd party vendor tags deployed in email messages?


I'm working with a data onboarding platform that collects email address hashes via an image pixel deployed within the email message. The image pixel is designed to capture lowercase SHA1, MD5 and SHA256 hashes of the email address on email open.

Tag Example:
img border="0" width="1" height="1" src="https:/.../em/978/918/9338.gif?bid=[HASHED_EMAIL_LC_SHA1]&gid=[HASHED_EMAIL_LC_MD5]&eid=[HASHED_EMAIL_LC_SHA256]"/>

Tag parameter value placeholders associated with respective hash types:

Does Hubspot offer a macro that will dynamically replace the above placeholders with SHA1, MD5 and SHA256 email hashes?
If not, does any type of scripting exist that can capture lowercase hashed email addresses and populate the hash values into the tag?


Hi @matt_idify, HubSpot does not have a macro that can do that type of encryption/decryption. That type of encryption would need to be done with a scripting language on the backend like with NodeJS. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding you, but regardless, I'm positive this type of encryption that you're referring to doesn't exist natively in HubSpot.