How to retrieve a contact's user token through Contacts API?


I have a contact’s vid and I wish to get the user token associated that contact record. What’s the best way to achieve this? The GET /contacts/v1/contact/vid/:contact_id/profile endpoint seems to not return the contact’s usertoken in the response.


Hi @bblatnick

The usertokens (it’s possible for more than one token to be associated with a contact) don’t show up in the data for the contact, and we don’t currently have a way to look those up.

Can you tell me what you’d want to use the uerstoken for?


I see. I want to identify known vs unknown Hubspot visitors coming to my website which means I’d need to know each contact’s user token or tokens. The API seems a bit misleading because the usertoken is returned as a property in

Is there any plans to be able to look up user tokens for contacts in the future?


That endpoint won’t return the utk, it only uses the utk to look up a contact record. That endpoint actually sounds like it would do what you’re looking to do. When a visitor hits your site, you can grab the hubspotutk cookie (which gets created by the HubSpot tracking code) from that visitor, and then use that endpoint to see if there’s a contact associated with that cookie. If you get a 404, or a response that includes "is-contact": false then the cookie is not associated with a contact.


Has anything changed in this regard? I know there has been some changes to the API since I asked this question last.


Hi @bblatnick,

It's not currently possible to look up a contact's usertoken(s). The best method to identify known contacts is still to make a call to the 'Get a contact by usertoken' endpoint and look for the "is-contact" field.


Hi @Derek_Gervais, has anything changed with regard to looking up a contact's (or a batch of contacts') usertoken(s) programmatically?

Here is our use case: we would like to send a users' usertoken up to google analytics as the userid. Then, we'd like to pull hubspot contacts and google analytics page view and event data down into a data warehouse and associate the two. With this, we will know the complete visitor journey, and be able to map it all the way down the funnel past conversion.


Hi @nflaherty,

There aren't any updates on this that I'm aware of. I can totally see the use case you're describing, though; If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.