How to retrieve the session ID and contact's email address based on their form submission. Client want to track engagement based on Session ID and email address. Did anyone implement this using Forms API




Once the user submitted the form how can we get session id and Email id submitted in the form so we track the event or activity of user in the demo page if he/she played Sample voice or uploaded the file



Hi @reddy,

Does your client have a HubSpot account? If so, the tracking code should be used to track visitor actions on their website.

You can also track custom events with the Tracking Code API, however the Forms API alone cannot be used to track what you have described.


Hello @Isaac_Takushi thanks for your reply. Client has Marketing professional account. And cleint want to track events in external websites!


Thank you for clarifying, @reddy.

In that case, your client may use both of the methods I outlined in my last response.


@Isaac_Takushi thanks for your reply!


You're welcome, @reddy!