How to send emails when an event ocurrs?



Every time that an event occurs in my system I would like to send a template email in a particular time to a client, is that possible with hubspot?


@GonzaloP Can you expand more on your specific use case? From a first guess it sounds like if you had the transnational Email add on you could leverage our Single Send API end point to do what you are asking about.


@pcmanca thank you for the reply. I have a system working on my server that manages appointments; I want to send an email 1 hour after each appointment with a specific template.
On the other hand, if I have a specific event that takes place in my schedule system, so if this event takes places another email must be sent. Can I implement these two with hubspot? Thanks


@GonzaloP You have a couple options. You could go the route of the Single Send API as I noted above. If you don’t have the transnational Email Add-on you could go a more round-about way of doing it. You could update a custom property on a contact which could satisfy an entrance criteria for a workflow that could send the email. After an hour after the appointment you could use the contact API to make that update.


@pcmanca when you said after an hour I could use the contact API, do you mean my server has to make a request to the API to send the email? because I haven’t seen any property where I could set up the date & time to be sent.



@GonzaloP Yes, you would have to hold the timing logic on your end.