How to send Hubspot Double opt-in emails using REST API?



We are making contacts on Hubspot utilizing its REST APIs. The frame we are utilizing isn't a Hubspot shape, it is our custom frame worked in React.js.

We have to send twofold select in messages to many buy in through our frame.

As of now, it is making just contacts utilizing that shape.

We set up everything to utilize twofold select in highlight.

Yet, it isn't sending pick in messages to clients. Is there any approach to send messages to clients after make contacts?

Thank you in Advance


Hi @katherineamt,

At this time, it is not possible to send a double opt-in email through an API.

Here are some related topics:

Alternatives include:

  • Triggering a submission through the Forms API whenever you create a new contact with the Contacts API. The Forms API triggers double opt-in emails to send, but the Contacts API does not.
  • Manually sending the opt-in email on an individual contact record, per this article.
  • Subscribing contacts who have consented through your custom form to specific email types through this Email API method . (Keep in mind, this is different than using double opt-in. Work with your legal counsel to determine whether you could comply with local privacy laws through this method.)